Structure of John’s Gospel (English version)

I posted an outline of the Gospel of John in Russian a few days ago. You can find the English version below and as a PDF on the page devoted to John’s Gospel.biblia

Gospel of John Outline


Prologue: 1: 1-18        The eternal Word enters the world.


Part 1: Testimony and Signs (1:19 – 12:50)

1:19-34: John testifies Jesus is the Son of God.

1:35-51: Jesus Gains Followers.


From Cana to Cana, signs 1-3. (2:1 – 4:54)

2:1-12: 1st sign, water into wine.

2:13-22: 2nd sign, Clearing & Establishing the Temple.

2:23-3:21: Nicodemus, re-birth to eternal life.

3:22-36: John’s last testimony.

4:1-26: Messiah offers living water to Samaria.

4:27-42: Samaritan Belief & Testimony.

4:43-54: 3rd sign, healing a Nobleman’s Son.

5:1-18: 4th sign,  healing and opposition

5:19-47: Jesus follows his Father, witnesses to Jesus.

6:1-21: 5th sign, Feeding multitudes. Walking on Water.

6:22-71: Jesus is the Bread of Life.  Increased grumbling.


Temple/Feast Cycle  (7:1-10:40)

Feast of Tabernacles: (7:1-52)

7:1-39: Jesus from above and fulfills the Feast of Tabernacles.

7:40-52: More Division and Opposition.

*8:1-11: Jesus saves an adulterous woman and discredits his opponents.

8:12-30: Jesus is the light of the world from the Father

8:30-59: Jesus stands in the truth of Abraham, his opponents stand in lies.

9:1-41: 6th sign, healing a blind man shows the blindness of the Pharisees.

10:1-21: Jesus is the good shepherd.

10:22-42: Feast of Dedication, Jesus one with Father


11:1-45: 7th sign, Jesus is the resurrection, raising Lazarus. 11:46-57: Conspiracy to kill Jesus for the good of the nation.

12:1-11: Mary Anoints Jesus for Burial.

12:12-19: Jesus Enters Jerusalem as Messiah.

12:20-50: Jesus “hour” has arrived, he will give his life for  the world. Rejection by Israel explained.


Part 2: Road to Glory (13:1-20:31)

13:1-30: Footwashing, preparing & cleansing disciples.

Farewell Discourse (13:31 – 17:26)

13:31-14:7:  Jesus’ Imminent Departure

14:8-31: Father/Jesus/Spirit/Followers Relationships

15:1-17: Jesus is the Vine.

15:18-16:33: The Disciples and the Spirit’s Witness.

17:1-26: Jesus prays for his followers.


Passion Narrative (18:1-19:42)

18:1-11: Betrayal and Arrest.

18:12-19:16a : Jesus and the truth on trial

19:16b-42: Jesus’ Crucifixion and Burial.


The Resurrection (20:1-29)

20:1-10: Empty tomb.

20:11-18: Risen Jesus appears to Mary.

20:19-29: Climax, Risen Jesus appears to disciples and commissions them. Thomas confesses Jesus as Lord and God.


Conclusion: 20:30-31  Believe and Have Life.


Epilogue: 21:1-25:      Answering the community’s questions, exhortation towards obedience despite questions, final affirmation of the Gospel’s eyewitness account.



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