Through and To You

This page is devoted to the continuation of God speaking through and to people today – people like you. Here you will find material focused on rightly interpreting and teaching God’s message as contained in the Bible.  The interpretive process depends on biblical research, and other pages and posts will be devoted to that subject.

Here is a pdf of a  10 step “How-to” of Biblical Interpretation: 10 How-to Steps of Interpretation

As the above pdf details, the interpretive process involves understanding the cultural/historical context of the biblical writers. God chose to speak through people in a specific time and place. If we want to understand what the Spirit and the author intended, we first must seek to know what their words and references meant in their context–not what they mean in our context (2-3,000 years later). Of course, once we understand what the author originally intended, then we can see how that meaning applies to us today. In this way, the living word of God continues to speak, guide, and equip. However, the meaning of the text doesn’t change; it is the application of that original meaning that varies according to the receiver’s context. As an example of this “through and to” dynamic of understanding the original meaning and then reapplying that meaning TO contemporary contexts, I offer the following sermon. By no means is it the best sermon, but it is an example of understanding the original “through and to” of 8th century B.C. Israel so that the message can speak “through and to” God’s people today.