A Purpose Statement

Although the purpose of this site is stated on the “About” page. Stating the purpose as the first post is important. My last attempt at blogging fizzled out because I was writing for the wrong reasons–as a PhD student, I was “supposed” to write. With the passage of a few years I have reexamined my personal vision and feel like I am in a better place not just to write but  to make a contribution–however small it may be. This site also provides a central place of reference for students in my various courses.

So what is the purpose of this site?

Through and To is dedicated to the study and discussion of how the God of the Bible reveals himself through and to people. This focus has both historical as well as contemporary aspects. A deeper historical understanding enables the church and individuals to accurately apply God’s revealed word to contemporary situations so that God’s Word speaks afresh through and to people.

This site, therefore, seeks to deepen the church’s understanding of the Bible in its revealed contexts so that it can speak through the contemporary church to the world.  My hope is this site will make a small contribution in bridging the divide between the academy and the church. To these ends, this site will give readers insights from biblical studies as well as practical ways to use those insights in the service of the church and the world.

I will be building up other pages and writing weekly posts in the months ahead. I look forward to your comments, and I pray that you will find the content helpful.

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